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What is Community Information?

You have heard the buzz about the information age and the information-based economy in which the availability, accuracy and timeliness of information are key factors for making sound decisions in a fast changing world.

Well, that's nothing new.

And it is not just an economic or political truth.

The methods and the speed have changed over time, but not the basic fact that any group of people trying to get something done together need to be able to gather information and transform it into knowledge that will guide their actions. They also need to be able to engage other people and convince them to act, coordinate their actions, or simply share what they know to be true.

Community information, then, is this process of collecting, transforming, and communicating knowledge among people with a common goal.

It is students, teachers, parents, and business owners working together to educate a new generation of educated, employed citizens. It is pet owners, animal welfare advocates, public health workers, and public safety officers working together to address the problem of abandoned and stray animals. It is local government employees, elected officials, and citizens addressing every day needs related to public records, permits, and taxes. It is the researcher, the librarian, and the local history society discovering, preserving, and telling the story of a community. Community information is all these things and thousands more.

The advent of computer networks hasn't changed the basic fact of community information, but it has opened up new possibilities for facilitating the process.

Clarus Information Architects is dedicated to the cultivation of community information via emerging digital technologies.


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Sheryl Cormicle Knox